Depot St Garage Fire
Cutting to remove
Getting a hot spot
looking for hot spots with the thermal image camera
All out time to rest


Wellington Dr Garage Fire
The fire was contained to the garage only did not extend into the house (not bad for an attached garage)
Smoke coming out of the window
opening the garage door to flames
Door mostly open
Door open so we can put out the fire


An Accident at our local Video Rental Store

No one was hurt from the car or in the store.

This happened the night of December 26th 2006. The driver of the car accidentally hit the gas pedal while pulling into the parking spot

From outside the store
View the counter clerk had
View of drivers side


One of the best car accidents we have seen (That is because no one was hurt).
This one happened on Memorial Day weekend 2005. In our local Tops Market parking lot The top car was across the isle in the parking spot and reversed the vehicle, hit the handicapped sign and that acted as a ramp to put it on top of the other car. No one was injured is this mishap. We have many members of our company and local police that have been on the job for many years and they say that they have never seen any thing like this one (but seeing is believing)
This is what we seen when we arrived on scene (from all 4 sides)
This is when the tow truck was removing the car. From left to right