Local Fire Companies
  Evans Center one of our Mutual Aid companies in the Town of Evans.
  Lake Erie Beach another Mutual Aid Company in the Town of Evans.
  North Evans Vol. Fire Company our Sister Company in the District.
  Lakeview Vol. Fire Co. located in Hamburg, NY.
  Perry Center Fire Department in Perry, NY.
  Lake Shore Vol. Fire Company located in Hamburg, NY
Complete Listing of All Fire Companies in Erie County
Fire Related Websites
  Webpage of  local Police,EMS,and Fire Units. Pictures of  Patches, Trucks, and scanner information as well.
  This website has Tons of Pictures and Information on all of Erie County's Fire Dept.'s
  This is the Firemans Association of The State of NY's website.
  This is the website for The N.Y. State Association of Fire Chiefs
  This website promotes Fire Safety and Prevention as well as contacts for help with Juvenile Fire Starters.
  A Local Newpaper designed just for the Local Firefighter
EMS Related Websites
  This is the website for EMS Service providers to get infomation, and training.
  This is the Medical Evac Chopper that the county uses.
  This is the WREMS website for local EMT's to obtain information on local protocols and procedures.
  This is the New York State Department of Health's website.
  Erie County Office of Pre-Hospital Care
Local Websites
  This is The Town Of Evans Police Department website.
  This is the webpage of the Evans/Brant Chamber of Commerce which we are a member.
  The United Way of America. They are a charity organization that we recieve funding from
  This is our Town's Offical website
  Local Newspaper serving ,Brant,Farham,Evans,Hanover,Sheridan and the Reservation
Other Highland Hose Fire Company's
  Highland Hose Company No. 1 located in Ulster County,NY
  Highland Volunteer Fire Department located in Pittsburg,PA