Tools of The Trade

Here are pictures of many of the Tools we Work with everyday.Please take a look around and Learn what they are called and what they are used for.

Here are the Hand Tools that we use for Fires. The Top 3 tools are a Pick Ax, Halligan Bar, and a Hammer Ax. These are all used for Forcible Entry. Then there is the Rafter Rake used to pull down walls & celings. Then we have a Valve Tool used to turn off gas meters along with a Quick Ax and Pry Tool. They are also used for Forcible Entry.
Here is the Thermal Imaging Camera which helps use see in the smoke. Then there is the Hydrant Wrench and Spanner Wrenchs. They help us hook up the Hydrant as well as the hoses. The Pick Pole is used to pull down celings and walls. There is 2 sizes shown here. Then the Flashlights we use are shown as well.
Here we have the S.C.B.A. (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) that we wear when fighting fires. It has a mask that covers our faces so we can breath in clean air that is supplied to us from the tank it is hooked up to. There is a Low Level Alarm to let us know when the tank is low on air & needs to be changed as well as a PASS Alarm that we can activate to let others know something is wrong.
Here are some of the types of Nozzles we use. The first one on the left is called a Cellar Nozzle, then there is the one we use on our 1 3/4 " hoses called a Task Force this is a adjustable nozzle. Down from that are 2 types of Brush Nozzles for grass fires and then a Piercing Nozzle along with a Navy Nozzle used for comaprtment fires The far one on the right is a Master Stream Nozzle used on 2 1/2 " Lines.
Here are the Tools we use for Car Accidents when we have to cut someone out. The first is the Amkus Generator along with the Cutter and Ram Unit and The famous Jaws of Life. These tools are all hydralic powered. With these tools we can remove a victim for a crushed car in under 5 minutes. We can either cut the roof right off the car or push the dashboard up off the victim if needed.
Here is our Vetter Bag Lifting System. We use this when a heavy piece of equipment like a car or tractor has pinned someone under it. The Vetter Bags (black item) are placed on top of the Backing Boards (brown item) and then contolled by the Control Unit which is hooked up to an Air Source. We then can inflate these bags which come in different sizes to lift the object of the victim.
Here are some of the Cutting Tools we use as well. We use Chain Saws to cut through Roofs and walls for Ventilation. We use the Sawz-all for cutting Metals and wood when needed. The big saw is called the K-12 it is used to cut everything from Wood to Concrete. Here are pictures of many of the Tools we Work with everyday. Please take a look around and Learn what they are called and what they are used for. Also if you see a Red circle please click on it to hear what that tool sounds like.